Blindsprings Page Seventy Four
Posted July 31, 2014 at 12:01 am

Chapter Three Begins!

Since I posted Tuesdays update, I have cleaned my apartment from top to bottom, threw out a gratuitous amount of trash, freaked out about not having work for two months, had an offer to fulltime Blindsprings for those two months, and now tomorrow morning I have another job interview for a visual development job and I don't know what to do yet!!!! Maybe they won't offer me a job and I will be saved the agony of decision.

This is a much better situation than the one I faced a couple of years ago, I was four years out of animation school and nothing to show for it, save for a lot of development work for Blindsprings.  I got a few chances for work that fell into my lap through recommendations in the summer of 2012, and I am so grateful to now be facing the idea of not even really applying for jobs and people are throwing jobs at me.  But it is a far trickier field to navigate, when people care about where you go and what you're doing, rather than not caring at all.