The time has come!!!
Posted January 24, 2019 at 03:00 am

Hello! I'm back! 

2018 was a no good, very bad year for me! Full of health problems and family deaths and burnout and depression! But 2019 has risen from its ashes, and is already leagues ahead of last year-- I see multiple doctors now, I'm on the road to getting better, I've even lost weight! Most importantly, I've managed to come out of my burnout and depression and my comic work is fun again. I'm really excited about the coming year of updates, and I hope you readers, new and old, enjoy!!!

Some small changes going forward, Blindsprings is update Tues and Thursday from now on, as Blindsprings is just too much of a beast to do three pages a week and keep that up. I'm working on some secret projects behind the scenes though, and later in the year I'm sure I will be revealing some things through Patreon!

I communicate most often on twitter, if any of you want to keep up with me (I'm still getting back into it, to be honest) and my Patreon is now more streamlined, with a donation tier and a subscription tier. The subscription tier is getting to see page 377 after I finish typing this ;)

Feel free to ask me things in the comments, I'm an open book!